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Collaborative Services Delivery

CSDC (Collaborative Service Delivery Center) is our unique Customer-centric delivery model that focusses on collaboration of team, tools, processes and resources and real time visibility with Flexible resourcing model for ramp up / ramp down.

Synoverge CSDC employs an optimal mix of Technology Enablers, Process Enablers and Solution Assets to achieve desired business outcomes for you.

Key Benefits of CSDC

  • Dedicated Resource Pool for Customer
  • Team members with good knowledge of Customer domain, technology and process
  • Improved productivity and better delivery schedule due to continuity of resources
  • Flexibility to reprioritize tasks depending on business needs
  • Resource pool fully aligned to Customer’s priorities, processes and standards, thus a true extension of Customer’s IT team
  • Offshore co-ordination managed by customer and/or Synoverge PM’s, hence full visibility and control to customer
  • Well-defined and established processes/procedures of Synoverge will ensure high quality software applications
  • Governed by a single contract and every project executed as work package/SOW under this contract
  • Minimal or almost no time for contract negotiations for every work package/SOW
  • Respond to market needs quickly by making use of Synoverge’s capabilities
  • Cost advantage due to Delivery from Ahmedabad in India
  • Synoverge has the unique perspective and capabilities of a technology products and services company
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