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Core ERP Solutions Services

Synoverge has over the past years developed and demonstrated expertise and success around developing, extending and integrating third party solutions and portals with Core ERP Solutions surround erp services, both Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. To create a unified business platform to enable enterprise wide data, business and process visibility. Enterprises having ERP implemented in their organizations realize that the ERP provides only 80 - 90% support for business process automation and cannot support all the business groups. There rises a need to extend the ERP to integrate with other enterprise level applications and portals. Such integrations enable Real Time Data availability across applications, thus, defining a Single Version of the Truth for the enterprise.

Microsoft SharePoint 201X

We have extended AX 2012 & SAP using SharePoint 201X to create external procurement & vendor management sites, service management sites, employee self-service sites, customer & customer self-service site. Additionally, Synoverge has the skills and experience to create & configure document management within Dynamics AX 2012 and store Dynamics AX 2012 document attachments within SharePoint 201X.

Mobile Devices Solution for Dynamics 365 for Operations / AX 2012 / CRM

Companies using Dynamics AX / CRM / Dynamics 365 for Operations extended Mobile Service generally experience the following benefits:

  • The order flow from employee to accounting system is streamlined.
  • Mobile employee productivity is increased.
  • The customer satisfaction rate is high due to better documentation and transparency at customer visits.
  • You have a complete overview of all resources on the road.
  • Service tasks are managed better, resulting in efficient and accurate planning.

Synoverge combines its extensive enterprise mobility skills with deep AX expertise to create business friendly applications that help users make decisions and take actions on the go, anywhere on any device.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence is designed to empower your business users through the familiar tools they use every day. End users can use the canned reports and dashboards and easily share and collaborate with their colleagues across the globe. Meanwhile, Microsoft Business Intelligence is designed with IT manageability and cost effectiveness in mind, allowing for better management of critical data assets across diverse systems to ensure the integrity of information, spanning the desktop, mobile devices, and cloud.

Key Capabilities

  • Enable users to analyse millions of rows of data at lightning-fast speed by using PowerPivot for Excel
  • Manage self-service reporting solutions in Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Accelerate report creation and simplify collaboration and management
  • Rely on feature-rich, powerful, and easy-to-use online analytical processing (OLAP) and data-mining capabilities

With our ability to extract and present data in meaningful ways, your business users can easily monitor, analyze, and make confident, fact-based decisions throughout their business operations. Synoverge offers the following Business Intelligence services surrounding Microsoft Dynamics & SAP:

  • Big Data Solution
  • Data Mining
  • Integration Services
  • Master Data Services
  • Reporting Services

Enterprises must realize that along with an ERP application there are other applications that exist in their IT eco-system that need to be integrated to create a unified view of business. Leveraging such Surround ERP initiatives can help transform the IT investment from monolithic architectures to a flexible and agile platform. So it is important for enterprises to go one step forward and look at a process centric view of their business function instead of an application centric view and realize one view of their business universe.


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