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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

With technology advancement, pervasiveness of connected devices like smartphones and tablets has opened prompt business need to stay interconnected. Not only it forces companies to adapt in order to meet their customers and employee demands, but also at the same time, it presents several new challenges in terms of revolutionizing newer business models, systems and process integration, security and on demand availability. At the core of this business proposition we have devices and users, who are empowered on the go to bring better productivity and agile workforce. Synoverge focuses on helping companies innovate on processes, designing great experience, optimize on spending, leverage the latest in technology that is built for tomorrow.

Synoverge works with leading Enterprises and Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) across the globe helping them build ground-breaking mobile software across platforms. We leverage our co-creation methodology and S3+ service delivery concept to deliver Mobility Solutions. Our rich and extensive experience in the mobile software domain coupled with our deep understanding of myriad enterprises and ISVs have enabled us to design niche solutions and services for our enterprise mobility clients. Alongside, Synoverge also provides prompt co-creation and ideation support to growing mobile platform provider with prototypes and POCs, aligning solutions to their Go-To-Market technology strategy which transforms idea into scalable enterprise platforms.

Enterprise Mobility

Today, enterprises are constantly looking into optimizing their operations through better visibility into processes and activities. It requires them to collect and disseminate contextual information, gaining control over the productivity of their resources and assets. Synoverge helps enterprises extend their workflows, decision making processes onto mobile devices, enabling stakeholders and workforce to collaborate and gain real time insights anytime, anywhere.

Independent Software Vendors

Mobility opens up new avenues for Independent Software Vendors to expand their offerings. ISVs today are willing to adopt emerging business models to keep up with competitive landscape & rapid advancement in technology. Synoverge, with its Product Engineering credentials combined with mobility expertise, co-creates solutions with ISVs that extends across multiple devices & platforms and support.

Entrepreneurs & Ideators

Mobile apps have become the hot spot for new businesses. At the same time, it's a rapidly developing space where keeping up the pace with developments in the industry and working out a business plan while protecting the idea can be a daunting task. Synoverge specializes in working with start-ups helping them converting their idea into material that can go in the hands of the users.


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