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Application Maintenance & Support

Application Maintenance Services

In the era of rapidly changing business priorities and highly competitive environment, IT applications drive a company's business processes but the challenges of managing heterogeneous application environments are increasing.

In fact, businesses globally spend over 70 percent of their IT budgets on application maintenance/ management, but at the same time they usually aren't focused on cutting long-term costs by improving applications. Instead they pay more attention to projects that are more visible to end users.

Given the current economic scenario and the uncertainty that prevailed in the recent past, it would be prudent for IT executives and technology decision-makers to utilize significant portion of their IT budgets for maintenance and operations of the existing applications i.e. “keeping-the-lights-on”, rather than implementing new software solutions.

Application Maintenance Challenges

Apart from complexity of maintaining applications and need for increased service quality, one of the key challenges for IT heads and decision makers across businesses is to demonstrate alignment of IT with business goals by creating a value-based IT ecosystem over a cost-based IT portfolio.

Applications that underpin business initiatives and provide differentiation are critical to success for the business goals of the organizations. Coupled with this, there is constant need to reduce IT operations and maintenance costs and increase the amount of discretionary funds available, so that one can invest it in transformational initiatives.

  • Ever-changing business environments, resulting in application customization which make application management and issue resolution more challenging
  • Skills availability across disparate technology and legacy platforms
  • Identifying and retaining the right talent to manage the ever increasing complexities around business applications and infrastructure
  • Complex new business requirements can result in large projects that draw resources away from day-to-day application management
  • Inadequate documentation of existing applications
  • Inflexible and redundant systems leading to unmanageable IT portfolio


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