Central Estimation Platform for Infrastructure Management Services

Central Estimation Platform for Infrastructure Management Services

Brief about the Client

A Pioneering Fortune 100 company in the field of PC and Server Software products based in USA

Business Overview

In more than 70 countries throughout the world, the customer provides different infrastructure management services to its clients. The effectiveness of the customer's estimate procedures has been recognised as a critical area for improvement. The aim was to standardized estimating tools and procedures across geographies and give its sales force and advisors self-service estimation capabilities, even in complicated solution selling circumstances.

Business Challenges

Today's organisations must track the efficiency of their project estimate processes and develop models that boost win rates by integrating industry and organisational operational indicators.

Outcome and Benefits

Estimates for self-service possibilities that span numerous service lines Improvements to the estimating engine based on trend analysis are possible. Measurement of the projected effort, cost, and schedule's level of confidence Notification to Business Heads when the Confidence Level in the estimate for a certain opportunity and the ability to execute Win/Loss Analysis pass certain criteria.

Tools and Technologies


Microsoft .NET 4.5


SharePoint 2013


Document Repository




SQL Server 2012