Claim management (Insurance)

Claim management (Insurance)

Brief about the Client

The customer, who was situated in India, needed to create a claim management mobile application to handle and settle all claims.

Business Overview

A formal request to an insurance company for payment based on the provisions of the insurance policy is called an insurance claim. Once the claim is authorised, the insurance company examines it for legitimacy before paying the insured or the requesting party (on behalf of the insured).

Business Challenges

Claim processing necessitates a significant amount of time, money, and people, especially when data must be collected from many sources and supplied into a system for processing. This was the problem we solved by designing the solution in Android as a mobile application enabling surveyors to record all claim processing data and input it straight into the system for claim acceptance at the next level.

Outcome and Benefits

The time it took to process a claim was dramatically decreased. The expense of travel has been cut in half. The claim stage is kept up to date for all parties concerned. Customers can receive tracking information by WhatsApp, email, or phone. Customers' personal information is kept safe.

Tools and Technologies


iOS-Swift 5.0