Enterprise Development and Online Training

Enterprise Development and Online Training

Brief about the Client

In the United States, a prominent supplier of online training resources focusing on the training and development of enterprises workforce. Using their content distribution system, our customer provides interactive training content to users across numerous corporations and campuses.

Business Overview

It serves clients in a variety of industries, including higher education, automotive and transportation services, retail and consumer products, financial services, legal and accounting services, electronics and telecommunications, federal, state, and municipal governments, sports, entertainment, food, beverage, and hospitality.

Business Challenges

the upkeep of many programmes, Meet strict performance and scalability needs without requiring large changes to existing databases that can support more than 10,000 concurrent users. There is a heavy reliance on hardware capacity to support increased user loads.
The ability to instantly modify the appearance and feel of content via customisable skins All old skins are being migrated using the new skin builder. The ability to support a frameless design, The current database was around 100 GB in size, and the application should be compatible with both the old and new interfaces.

Outcome and Benefits

With a performance-centric design, it is possible to accommodate up to 15000 concurrent users. Lowering additional hardware costs by expanding software capabilities to support increased user loads. Delivered 150+ skins to boost productivity by easily altering the appearance and feel of content via customisable Skins. Using Single Sign-on, we simplified the integration process with Campuses. Best practises in adaptation and localization were used to accommodate multilingual courses. Reduced the time required to handle course content, assessments, and surveys. Reduced the technical expertise necessary to create SCORM Courses. Through the application of 508 / WCAGAA accessibility standards, we were able to provide a better user experience. Vulnerability was avoided by adhering to tight security measures.

Tools and Technologies


C# .NET 4.5




jQuery & Bootstrap


SQL server


WCF Web Services


IIS 7.5/8.0