insurance e-bonding process

Insurance & e-Bonding process

Brief about the Client

USA based client is an electronic guarantee bond handling framework that empowers customers, merchants/specialists, obliges, and transporters to deal with their guarantee bond prerequisites effectively. They are having the tremendous information of clients and organizations in to dominate for catering their current CRM processes.

Business Overview

The project is an electronic guarantee bond handling framework that allows clients, merchants/specialists, and carriers to efficiently manage their guarantee bond requirements. They have a wealth of knowledge about clients and businesses that they may use to improve their present CRM operations.

Business Challenges

They have a large amount of customer and company data in excel that they use to support their present CRM procedures. This results in missed opportunities to follow up with leads and prospects, as well as unanswered calls and contract close delays. Aside from that, there is a duplication in contract and account data management. Another issue that customers have is that document and knowledge assets are not kept in a common repository.

Outcome and Benefits

The project result is smoothing out of key cycles for smoother operations, Coordination of CRM Contacts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for simplicity of lead management, Joining of Vonage with Contacts and Accounts for smoother case the board and call tracking, Incorporated business process from Lead to Invoice and Focal record storehouse which diminishes the duplication.

Tools and Technologies

Dynamics 365 for Sales


LinkedIn Sales Navigator