Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and Distribution

Brief about the Client

Customer is a leading courier and logistics company in the Asia Pacific region. Following the adoption of GST in India, customers formed 30 new entities in their legacy system.

Business Overview

Customer is a renowned courier and logistics firm. Following the adoption of GST in India, the customer formed 30 separate entities in their legacy system, posing several issues. Furthermore, the customer's sales, receipts, and tax records generate a large volume of operational transactions, necessitating the use of a large number of human resources in the Accounts department.

Business Challenges

The most challenging component is configuring a single legal organisation in the system with GST and withholding tax. Statutory and audit compliances, integration with their operating software, correct data reconciliation owing to manual consolidation, and so on are some of the issues they're dealing with.

Outcome and Benefits

A single legal entity has been set up in the system, complete with GST and withholding tax settings. Real-time customer generation and sales transactions are fetched in NAV owing to integration with their Operations platform. Automatic posting has been set for a variety of business case scenarios, including sales, purchases, FA posting, banking, and cash. GST, TDS, and bank portal integrations have also been completed.

Tools and Technologies


MS Dynamics NAV 2016