Logistics Platform

Logistics Platform

Brief about the Client

One of our Indian logistics customers wants to operate their transportation company with mobile application and keep real-time track on their vehicles.

Business Overview

Load transportation is still a difficulty, from choosing the correct carrier to getting the load delivered. Tracking the vehicle might be inconvenient at times, even if it is cost effective. Before implementing the system, a thorough study and high-quality logistics are essential to minimise any needless expenses.

Business Challenges

Load transport done presently is as yet having difficulties from tracking down the right carrier till the conveyance of the heap. At some point cost adequacy, following the armada can be bulky. To keep away from any pointless expenses, great coordinated factors, complete examination is needed before execution of the framework.

Outcome and Benefits

We have created a logistics platform ecosystem that connects transporters and load shippers. By enrolling and associating with the platform, all logistics service providers such as transportation service businesses, express cargo service companies, movers and packers, Shippers and Cargo Owners (consignor/ consignee), Warehouse, Packers, Movers, and CHAs can profit.

Tools and Technologies






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