medical devices erp

Medical Devices ERP

Brief about the Client

Customer is a medical device firm established in Japan that is a subsidiary of a US-based corporation. AX 2012 ERP was recently installed, with extensive changes and integration with a third-party logistics system.

Business Overview

This project is a cost-effective enterprise resource management system designed specifically for the medical device industry. The application system comprises of a central database that stores all of a medical devices’ ERP-related data. The system has a user-friendly graphical user interface that allows users to simply input supply and demand data.

Business Challenges

AX and the logistics site have been integrated. Data communication with many external portals using an EDI and integration technique, Developed a batch task that concurrently produces transactions in logistic and AX and auto-posts sales invoices, as well as the logic for recognising high-value sales and inventory movement.

Outcome and Benefits

The project result is smoothing out of key cycles for smoother operations, Coordination of CRM Contacts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for simplicity of lead management, Joining of Vonage with Contacts and Accounts for smoother case the board and call tracking, Incorporated business process from Lead to Invoice and Focal record storehouse which diminishes the duplication.

Tools and Technologies


MS Dynamics AX 2009


MS Dynamics CRM 2016


Micro Strategy 9.4.1


MS SharePoint 2012