Printer Manufacturer

Printer Manufacturer

Brief about the Client

Customer is a well-known printer company in Singapore with headquarters in Japan. They had multiple systems in several locations, which posed a significant issue in terms of consolidation and multi-currency reporting.

Business Overview

Printer manufacturing company desire to develop ERP where all the subsidiary company handled by the headquarters general rules so company can handle easily multi-currency report and other operations as well.

Business Challenges

Standardization of Business Processes Aligned with HO Design of Global Templates, COA, and Product Code Structure in AX Streamlining the documentation needed in overseas commerce, as the majority of the transaction is direct delivery in nature, with items being dispatched straight from Japan's headquarters to the customer. Separating the warehouse operations in Singapore and Malaysia to make inventory reconciliation easier.

Outcome and Benefits

HO Consolidation is an integrated financials and procurement solution. Few business operations have been automated, resulting in improved transaction and reporting control. Cost savings as a result of improved logistical efficiency. Reduced reliance on outside consultants. Internal reporting has been improved, allowing HQ to consolidate data more quickly and do better analyses.

Tools and Technologies


MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3




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