Unified Services Platform a global ISV

Unified Services Platform a global ISV

Brief about the Client

The client is a Fortune 500 firm specializing in PC and server software as well as corporate productivity solutions. The client has a strong consulting and global services delivery business that delivers infrastructure, implementation, and bespoke application development services to its clients globally.

Business Overview

Our client envisaged an Industrialized method for offering infrastructure services, deployment, and upgrade services to its clients worldwide as part of a three-year strategic effort. The Unified Services Platform was envisioned as the enabler that would simplify the company's global operations - from sales through delivery. Capabilities would be provided by the Platform.

Business Challenges

The business aim challenges are to improve service quality and to reduce costs. Improve win percentages for large and complicated agreements by bringing uniformity to deal estimations across locations. The platform's tough area provides capabilities such as self-service automated deal estimates, sophisticated cross-LOB deal estimations, and workflow driven service delivery operations in a factory model.

Outcome and Benefits

The platform delivers increased agility to the sales team in providing complicated deal estimates to their customers, significant savings in the efforts spent by pre-sales SMEs due to the automated estimating engine, deal win probability prediction based on historical data, and much more, industrialised delivery operations that optimised resource costs, insights on deal win trends and factory efficiency via interactive dashboards for KPIs, and global access to the platform and applications across multiple devices.

Tools and Technologies


WCF Services


SharePoint 2013 Services


AppFabric Cache Server


SQL Server 2012