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Product and platform engineering has taken center stage across the globe. Meeting the demands of today’s digital consumer has led organizations to change the way they deliver their services and products. Organizations today acknowledge that the line between products and services is continuously blurring. As monetization models evolve, product companies are looking to secure long term revenue through IP-led development and faster time to market.

Synoverge understands that Building digital platforms that offer scale, agility, and intuitive experience to the clients is critical to businesses and ISV’s. Our extensive experience in building all-encompassing platforms has helped over 30 organizations and millions of users across the globe.

We have lived by our tag-line and energized the ideas of our ISV clients by becoming their technology partners and drive their product and technology roadmap. We are passionate about building grounds up products/platforms as well as re-engineering legacy products into state of the art digital platforms.

Our Offerings

Synoverge offers a full suite of technology and platform engineering services for companies looking to take their digital presence and abilities to the next level. Our expertise covers the breadth and the depth across technologies, systems, platforms, and domains.

We focus on leveraging the right mix of technology, people, and processes to cater to the current clients that can rapidly scale when the need arises.

Product Ideation

To facilitate new product ideation services, Synoverge provides full lifecycle R&D services. We also engage with start-up companies and work with them as advisors and partners. Our clients access our network of technology alliances, marketing firms, hosting, and SEO providers.

By leveraging Synoverge for Product ideation, you discover new high-potential products, markets, needs & features. We not only help in shaping the vision, but also help validate the technology, flexibility, and budget. Synoverge helps create a road-map and equips our clients with tools that help in continuous visibility and reducing risks through Agile development methods.

Design, Development & Maintenance

Our experience in building large scale platforms includes development from scratch, re-engineering platforms, and working collaboratively in an onsite/offshore model for already existing platforms. We work with you to understand your business and devise customized solutions that maximize the output in multiple areas – availability, agility, and predictability.

Our frameworks comprising a combination of tools, technologies, and processes ensure end-to-end visibility, starting from ideation to user stories to release management.

We’ve built centres of excellence around Microsoft, Cloud, Open Source Technologies, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data technologies.

Test Engineering & Quality Assurance

Continuous testing has become the need of the hour in today’s world. While engineering platforms, integrated testing needs to be embedded in the product development lifecycle. Adopting this approach enables your Agile & DevOps initiatives and helps put your offerings into the hands of your end-users faster. Synoverge gives extreme focus to quality to deliver an exceptional experience to the end-users. We have over the years, helped multiple enterprises reach their goals of providing quality products to their customers.

DevOps, Automation & Product Lifecycle Management

At any stage in the product’s life cycle, the emphasis on collaboration, automation, integration, and communication is given utmost importance. Our focus on DevOps ensures the on-boarding of applications by facilitating continuous integration and development and automating end-to-end delivery pipeline across several leading platforms.

Legacy Modernization & Re-engineering

Synoverge has proven experience in helping its clients migrate and re-engineer their products to state-of-the-art, future-ready platforms. Our re-engineering services include data migration, technology migration, user experience upgrades, and forward engineering.

Our Approach

The approach used for the platform engineering process immensely matters as it dictates the quality and efficiency of the digital platform. The underlying notion of our approach is to provide integrated platform engineering services to ensure a high-quality product in most optimized cost.

The approach mainly constitutes following aspects:

  • Define the user groups and their behavior
  • Focus on Usability and Prototyping
  • Competition Analysis
  • Focus on non-functional aspects of the product along with functional
  • Agile or Iterative methodologies which are flexible and matured for quicker releases
  • Complete Product life-cycle approach
  • Collaborative approach

Our intention and aim is to work as an extended team which is highly integrated with the other functions and vision.

We are technology agnostic and recommend the technology which fits best for a given platform based on all aspects.

Synoverge Advantage

  • Faster time to market and optimize cost.
  • IP Protection.
  • Transparency and Flexibility.
  • Access to Diverse Technologies.
  • Scalable & Flexible team structures.
  • Robust Processes & Governance Models.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure.
  • COE's for emerging architectures & technologies.
  • Comprehensive Quality Management.
  • Innovation in Product, Process & Delivery Methodologies.

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