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Our Integrated Testing Approach with right automation to increase release confidence


The key to positive customer experience is quality products and solutions. While software quality is paramount in digital age, DevOps & Automation are driving businesses to reduce time and cost associated with Quality Assurance, Software Testing processes & support.

In this context of technological disruptions happening in business environment, testing services play a crucial role in defining success of an application or product. At Synoverge, we believe in continuous improvement of software testing processes, both manual & automation testing. For better outcomes, we recommend continuous software testing to be an integral part of software development/engineering processes.


Our Offerings

Synoverge offers range of testing services for ISVs and enterprises along with independent Verification & Validation services. With highly experienced & certified QA professionals, clients have trusted us for thoroughly checking the reliability & performance of software.


Automation Testing

Increase release velocity without compromising on quality, make test frameworks reusable.

  • Test Automation Assessment
  • Automation Roadmap & Tools recommendation
  • API & Webservices testing
  • Development of Automation Test scripts & automation frameworks

Mobile Testing / Digital Assurance

Mobile Apps must be right-the-first-time, having performance aligned with industry standards and seamless user experience across diverse touch-points.

  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing

Performance Testing

Product or a platform’s performance is driven by its ability to respond quickly, capacity to handle growing user base, and stay robust under different loads. Our QA team tests a system or platforms on various parameters to verify if it’s able to withstand high loads and identify bottlenecks in this process.

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing

QA Strategy & Consulting Service

Bring efficiencies and achieve desired outcome. Our QA Practice help client teams by improving test maturity & standardizing testing processes.

  • Determine the Total Cost of Quality and devise test strategy to drive measurable benefits by employing levers beyond just cost arbitrage
  • Test Coverage gap analysis and improvement planning
  • Automation strategy and feasibility analysis. Evaluate ROI of Test Automation
  • Agile Testing process and implementation
  • Quality Metrics measurement, analysis and improvement planning
  • Test Tool analysis

Specialized Testing Services


SharePoint Test Automation

The load testing and optimization technique for SharePoint is essential for ensuring that your SharePoint site goes live and runs smoothly. It's a good idea to discover problems and bottlenecks before they effect users, as well as to test new architecture before deploying it.

  • Feasibility analysis of SharePoint test automation
  • UI validation for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Apps
  • Coverage of Office components within SharePoint Apps
  • Cross-browser testing for SharePoint 2013 Apps
  • Unit Testing of SharePoint Apps

Security Testing

Considering privacy breaches happening globally, security testing becomes an absolute critical aspect of any development strategy. Adherence to latest industry standards & methodologies, helps us address Client’s security testing needs.

  • Tools-based and manual testing for security vulnerabilities
  • Detection of Leakage of sensitive information through Errors/ Exceptions
  • Data security at rest and in transit
  • Application component security
  • Validation of Web services security
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation
Independent-V & V

Independent V & V

A fresh set of eyes to bring different perspective, with experts who specialize in defect hunting by levering wide range of skills & tools. Result is, analyses beyond your in-house coverage and timetables.

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility / Interoperability testing
  • Managed Testing
  • Dedicated Testing Teams

QA & Testing Approach

With focus on TCQ (total-cost-of-quality) while addressing customer needs, detailed attention is given to levers across solution/application engineering lifecycle. Test Coverage at right places helps minimize the stages between Defect Injection and Defect Detection. This results in achieving quality confidence with fewer test cycles – prevent blocked test cases and residual bugs and bug reactivations. In addition, there’s a fine balance between usage of tools and human resources.

Synoverge brings CoE driven approach to testing. We aim to provide real-time visibility to all stakeholders with Live Dashboard, with well-defined test management approach:


Requirements Analysis

  • Understanding QA requirements & challenges
  • Acquiring in-depth solution/application knowledge
  • Summary note on our understanding of requirements


Test Execution & Review

  • Track Test Plan Progress
  • Highlight Blocked Tests
  • Defect Patterns


Test Planning

  • Test Scope
  • Schedule & Resource Planning
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Requirements Testability analysis


Test Strategy

  • Select Methodology & Tools
  • Identify Dependencies on External Systems and Risks
  • Test Data Management Approach


Outcome Analysis & Reporting

  • Quality Metrics
  • Test Case Effectiveness
  • Test Coverage Analysis

Tools Capability & Matrices


Synoverge Advantages

  • Certified software quality engineers
  • Cross domain software testing expertise
  • Rich experience across testing tools
  • Flexible, on-demand scalable QA team
  • Robust Processes & Governance Models
  • Effective & transparent communication
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure